What is sustainability?

What is sustainability? I have never really had time to stop, think and consider what sustainability is. Of course I know the Oxford Dictionary definition from my Design and Technology coursework research however I have never had the time to apply it to our life and situations. Out of exams and since the awakening of new found freedom, we returned to school and had the opportunity to be enlightened by Anthony Day the Sustainability Coach.


His presentation was completely inspiring and made me think about what I have never considered in depth before. As an aspiring aerospace/ mechanical engineer I believe that the way forward in the industry is to avert focus on to sustainability and the environment; I am not saying that many companies are not aiming for this however it could be emphasised on more. In Anthony Day’s presentation he brought up some interesting issues; such as how the population is growing and inevitably the demand is increasing but not in proportion to supply; and some things we at the moment consider essential can soon become a luxury because of the rising prices. We over-consume and as human we often do consider the consequences all the time, we cannot just magically conjure up a number of cows when we eventually run low on numbers. This in relation to aerospace, with more people on earth there will be a rapid increase in the demand flights; which is not such a good impact on our environment with the amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. In encouraging people not to travel would be hard and I don’t yet have an idea on how this could be done and the world in big and deserves to be explored. However we could focus on making production of airplanes more efficient, reducing waste, finding ways to reduce energy, reusing materials, transporting of materials etc, these are all just ideas, 

Having addressed the issues in his presentation Anthony went on to discuss some thought provoking ideas about how we could work towards sustainability in relation to future demand. As commonly said the solution is in the problem and he went on to confirm this as he discussed about starting with ourselves. The assumption is that our contribution to the environment such as recycling instead of dumping into any bin or reusing instead of buying more or cycling instead of driving does not impact on the environment greatly, not to sound like a Tesco advert but every little does help!

A moment in Anthony Day’s speech that inspired is when he repeated the question of ‘what is sustainability?’ to the audience, instead of allowing us to recall our A level memorised definitions he answered the question himself and told us. It’s our future. And this couldn’t be truer. I know I can’t completely change the world in the next month but spreading the word like Anthony did will definitely help and that’s what I plan to do! So thank you Anthony Day!


Also intrigued I had a scroll of Anthony’s blog and something caught my eye about energy and the bubble economy. Reading the article I learnt about something called exergy, an interesting way of studying energy, a new to the idea I will definitely read more about. I thought a really nice way to end this post would be to conclude by quoting Anthony Day’s BlogSpot from this post. It really empahsises what he came and spoke to us about and the direction me and my generation can look towards.

“It’s not about a lower standard of living, it’s about doing things differently and more efficiently. It’s about not sacrificing the long term for the sake of the short term.” – Anthony Day


Link to Anthony Day’s website: http://www.gmhost.co.uk/day/ 

Twitter: @AnthonyDay 

Also give: @envirocrew_org a cheeky follow!

And the blogspot I referred to in this post: http://anthonyday.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/energy-and-bubble-economy.html


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